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Boat Heaven - Boat Heaven

Boat Heaven - July 2007

gardening on board

July 25th 2007 18:53
Gardening on board.
Some time ago I bought a small mushroom farm. It came in a brown cardboard box and after several weeks of keeping it in a cupboard, well watered, it started to produce mushrooms. Great In omelettes, stews and stir fries. With the cost of mushrooms at over nine bucks a kilo this was value and I had them on hand when I wanted them. As the first farm started to run down its production it was time to get another under way. Now I was left with a bunch of great mushroom compost. What to do with this? Well a couple of coconuts cut in half and scooped free of meat and hung from the rigging was the answer. Filled with compost and planted out with herbs, a silver beet, here and there and even mini tomatoes soon had a small green grocery happening. Of course nothing like being self sufficient in vegetables and salads but good fun and it makes exciting choices available for meal times.

Another idea for live-aboards is fresh eggs. Instead of keeping a cocky in a cage consider a couple of chooks hanging off the back of the boom in a cage. They are possible to domesticate and when you are ashore in some anchorages they are happy to forage and will return to their cage with the promise of a handful of wheat. Go for the small hens like Chinese Silkys or Bantams. Sooner or later you will need to send them to heaven or the stock pot and they do make a grand feast.

coolgardie fridge?

July 24th 2007 18:50
Not everyone who lives on board their boat can afford the power to run a fridge so the idea of the old Australian coolgardie or Cillgardie meat safe is starting to catch on. This was a meat safe used by bushies in the old days. The meat safe was a fly proof box that hung in the shade of a gum tree with the wind blowing across it to keep it cool. A burlap cover with water dripping from a tray on the top into a small gutter at the floor kept the bag constantly wet. The breeze blowing across this is enough to keep butter from melting on a hot day and guys swear it puts beads of chill on a bottle of beer. I have yet to build one but I like the idea. What a great way to enjoy your time on board. Make and drink your own beer, then chill it and serve it out of a cooler that uses no energy except what comes free! Cheers.


Slake a thirst on board

July 23rd 2007 18:47

Slake a thirst on board.
I have spent some time telling people how to cook on pot meals on board to make life simple and avoid a lot of hassle and washing up. It is a great way to give yourself time to do the important things in life like sit back with a fishing rod or grab a sanding block and get some more wood ready to varnish. (ha, ha.) Well one of my friends who has lived on board his yacht for over thirty years reckons what he like to do best is sit back after a hard day of deciding what to do with his spare time and drink a cold beer. However he likes his beer a lot and doesn’t have a lot of money so he makes his own. Yes on board and he chills it as well without a fridge.

What my mate does is to make up forty litres of home made beer at a time in a forty litre drum. He then decants into soft drink bottles. He uses one point five litre plastic screw top bottles as they are just the right size. One after lunch and one after dinner seems to be just enough to satisfy him. Now he has a fairly long but skinny timber boat in which he keeps all three of his model planes with wings spans of two metres or more so imagine that he doesn’t have a lot of room for a brewery. By just making forty litres at a time he keeps well within the space available on board and that way he makes enough to drink and keep on hand for guests. He ends up with two dozen bottles which is enough to last him half a month and as he finishes one batch his next batch is ready for drinking.

The bottles don’t weigh a lot being plastic so they stack easily under the floor boards in the cool bilge. To chill, he just wraps a bottle in a very wet towel and hangs it in the shade of the boom tent in the wind. Don’t think you are going to chill your beer by hanging it in the water, not in Australia. If the water temperature gets cold enough to chill beer the outside temperature will be enough to chill it anyway. I remember when my mate offered me the first taste of his beer. I had just anchored a boat I was delivering to Sydney in the bay at Middle Percy Island. I rowed ashore with my crew hoping to bum a few litres of fuel off the yachties gathered for “after fives” on the beach. Nobody was prepared to sell or swap fuel but out of the crowd on the beach steps my mate and he offers me a cold frosty homemade beer to drink out a Vegemite jar! A frothing schooner on the verandah of a country pub couldn’t have tasted better or have been more welcome.

Another morning in paradise

July 22nd 2007 18:43
[[COLOR=Teal]SIZE=4]Another beautiful morning in Paradise:
I woke this morning to a knocking on my door, “come” I called from the comfort of my bed. I find the big blonde barmaid from last night had become a receptionist dressed in a suit that still could not hide her endowment. She had come to see if I required breakfast. My only requirement was to get a good handful of this lady but as I said earlier, a gentleman never tells.

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Morning after the night before

July 21st 2007 18:38
The morning after the night before:
Its dawned a brilliant morning with the sun glistening out through my window on the Tasman Sea or is it already the Southern Ocean in this latitude? Any how it is a great day to be alive and I have plans to cross the interior of the island via Lake Leike where it is supposed to sleet even on a warm summer day. BRRRRR but I will be dressed for it. In case you are hanging out about my success last night I have to say a successful lover should never kiss and tell but I do have a story, however brief to commit to these pages.

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A pub crawl without beer

July 20th 2007 18:36
A pub-crawl without beer!
This weekend I was to take a bunch of fellow students on a pub-crawl of historic Tassie pubs, by mini bus. I was the designated driver and would stay dry till we got to Bicheno and parked the bus. Then I would hit the slops big time. The bus was booked and deposited and the drinkers were eagerly looking forward to a debauched weekend of alcohol cigarettes and probably pools of vomit. A surprise exam on Monday took the wind out of everyone’s sails. Better to stay home and study rather than face an exam with a beer induced hangover.

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Heroic resue details

July 18th 2007 18:35
.Tuesday, July 17, 2007

With 30-ft. swells in fierce seas and with 40 mile an hour winds buffeting their efforts, the M/V Horizon Falcon crew performed a rescue of two Chinese seafarers 375 miles northwest of Guam, Horizon Lines Inc. reported following a review of the Falcon's Master's Log. The rescue effort took place over a 24 hour period on July 12 and 13. The Horizon Falcon, a newly-constructed 2,824 TEU containership in the Horizon Lines fleet, responded to a request by the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Guam to divert for a distress call from a log carrier, HAI TONG No. 7. The 420-ft. Panamanian-flagged ship had 22 Chinese crewmembers on board. It sank after encountering rough seas due to a typhoon in the area. Survivors were in the water for two days when the Horizon Falcon arrived at the scene before noon on July 12.

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Heroic resue details

July 18th 2007 18:34
Your text goes hereYour text goes hereHorizon Vessel Aids in Rescue
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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